Prelaunch Leaderboard Bonus Round

It’s time for another ” Apple Lover’s Ultimate Bonanza” Bonus Round for Pre-launch.

( Now would be a great time to mail out Video #2 and lock in some of those leads. Grab your Video #2 links and swipe copy here )

Here’s how it works:

On or around September 10, 2011 I’ll post a final “Pre-Launch Leaderboard Bonus Round” List here (see Terms below).

But I’ll be updating it pretty much every day until then as well so you know where you stand.

If your name is on that final list  you could get one of these really cool toys as a Bonus.

Here Is What You Could Get As A Pre-launch Bonus:

1. Apple Lover’s Ultimate Bonanza – You get not just one of the latest, greatest, newest generations of those killer apple toys every seems to go gaga over… you get FOUR (4) of them in all… share them with your staff, give them to  your family and friends… or simply hog them all to yourself.  “Apple Lovers Ultimate Bonanza” includes all 4 of the following toys:
 a. iPad 2 Tablet.
 b. MacBook Air  Ultra-portable laptop.
 c. MacBook Pro – Super powerful laptop.
d. Mac Pro The newest quad-core ultra-powerful and extremely fast desktop.

Total” Apple Lovers Ultimate Bonanza Package” Value = $5,196.00

2. 15 inch MacBook Pro – The newest generation. Faster, more powerful processors, all-new graphics and still as sleek and sexy as ever. Value = $2,199.00

3.  13-inch MacBook Air – The thinnest, lightest, sexiest Mac ever. Value = $1,299.00

4. iPad 2 Thinner, lighter, faster, now includes  HD video plus a regular camera for Face Time video chat and other cool stuff like that. Value = $499.00

5. iPod Touch  (32 gb) – new retina display, HD video recording, Face Time video chat, hi-def gaming and wi-fi… everything you need. Just like a iPhone 4 without the phone and those pesky little phone contracts. Value = $299.00

6 – 20:  For anyone that gets into spots 6 through 20…

I’ll put all of your names “into a hat” and randomly select one of your names for a new iPad 2. Value = $499.00.

Since there will only be 15 names  in the “hat” that means your chance of getting this new iPad 2 is pretty much  1 in 15.. I’d say those are really good odds.

Here is the current top 30 Leaderboard (updated late September 7th):

  1. Ryan Deiss
  2. Eben Pagan
  3. Don Crowther
  4. John Lagoudakis
  5. Mike Filsaime
  6. Todd Dickerson
  7. Jason James
  8. William Womack
  9. Vladimir
  10. Howie Schwartz
  11. Joyce (NZ)
  12. Ricardo Weatherly
  13. john w clarke
  14. Tracie Tuckwell
  15. Romana Mc Donald
  16. Mike Merz
  17. Hans Anderson
  18. Ringold Brothers
  19. Cristi Marin
  20. Agus Budisusetyo
  21. Micheal Savoie
  22. Doru Badetchi
  23. Rick Faulise
  24. Joey Goodman
  25. Mark Prosser
  26. Dwight Wallace
  27. fred wierda
  28. Tracy Matthews
  29. Gary Brandon
  30. Hansjoerg Niederegger

This Bonus round is subject to the  “Pre-Launch Leaderboard Terms” posted below so please be sure to review them.

But one thing you need to know is that I’m only looking for qualified leads that convert into sales. So I’m asking that the everyone in the top 5 spots  meet a minimum number qualified sales (net of refunds) to recieve a Bonus.

However, considering that during my last major Traffic Voodoo launch even the person in 5th place made 49 sales of a two thousand dollar product… I’d say I’m not setting the bar too high.

That means don’t forget to promote SACC once it opens on September 9, 2011 and the final bonus toys recipients will be announced after the 30 day refund window closes after the launch.

Pre-Launch Leaderboard Terms:

This  Bonus Round started  at 12:01 A.M EDT on  August 30, 2011 and ends at Midnight EDT on September 8, 2011. I, Jeff Johnson, am the only one who decides who gets a Bonus , and what that Bonus will be, if any. I reserve the right to modify my Bonus offer in any way, shape or form including cancelling it if necessary. Only one Bonus will be awarded per affiliate. Affiliate is responsible for any taxes due and must submit all necessary tax forms to P.R.M. LLC in a timely fashion or Bonus will be forfeited. Affiliate is required to make at least 5 qualified sales (net of refunds) For “Jeff Johnson’s Super Affiliate Coaching Club” between September 9, 2011 and no later than Midnight EDT September, 16  2011 or Bonus may be forfeited. Any “ties” will be awarded to the Affiliate who has the most net sales after refunds for that “place”. I reserve the right to award the “approximate retail value” cash equivalent (in U.S. dollars via paypal) in lieu of any of the bonus items themselves.

That pretty much means “be cool, send over quality leads,  and I’ll be cool to you” 🙂

If you need anything just contact my Affiliate Team at:

And let’s keep this all above-board for the launch. No spam allowed, no cash rebates allowed , no cookie stuffing allowed, no direct linking with CPV/PPV offers, and make sure you use all the proper earning disclaimers, legal disclaimers, and follow the FTC promotional guidelines, etc. when promoting this launch, or any other. It’s just good business sense.


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