Video 2 Links And Swipe Copy

Video 2  is now live, mail it out right now and beat the rush.

It includes a 20 minute presentation where I start walking them through  my best Affiliate Market Research mehodology.

I also give them a hand-drawn PDF Cheat Sheet of my “Circle Of Money” to download.

Your links and swipe copy are below, but first…


Very Important Update! I’ve changed the terms of the offer so please read carefully.

Here’s what the offer is all about:

Traffic and Money.

That pretty much sums it up.

They get “Lifetime” access to two of my best selling “Traffic and Money” training programs.

I show them how to get Traffic, and then I show them how to turn that Traffic into Money.

1. Super Affiliate Coaching Club – “Lifetime” access instead of the regular 3 months of access that sold for $1,997.00 just a few months ago.

2. Traffic Voodoo 2.0 Non-Stop Traffic – “Lifetime” access. Previously Sold for $1,997.00

3. “Field Trip To My Office” – I’ve sold similar deals for $7,500.oo in the past so this is a very real $7,500.00 Value. (I reserve the right to limit the number of people that receive the office field trip as a bonus).

That’s a total package value of $11,494.00 but they’ll be able to get it for pennies on the dollar.


They get it all for just pennies on the dollar.

Plus you can earn $1,350.00   Commissions for each sale as an Affiliate.


Please Mark These Dates On Your Calendar:

Video #1 is live.

Video #2 is live.

Video #3 is live.

Sales Video goes live on September 9th at 3pm Eastern.

The sales videos, all pre-launch videos and the content for the membership site are locked, loaded and ready to roll so there shouldn’t be any surprises.


Video #2 is live.

So if you’d like to get a jumpstart on everyone else…

Mail today and lock in your leads and get ready for those Thousand Dollar Commissions.

Remember, once we close this “Best Deal Ever” sale will not be repeated at this low of a price, if ever.


Very Important!

Bonus offers will help you “seal the deal” and can definitely help you earn more of those thousand dollar commissions.

And warming your leads up by sending them to the prelaunch content is also very important… it definitely makes a huge difference in conversions for these types of launches.

Trust me… I crush it as an affiliate for the higher-priced offers like this  because I offer great bonus packages, and I promote the
prelaunch content heavily.

So include your bonus offers in your emails and send them  out to your list to lock in more of these leads…

And earn more of those thousand dollar commissions.



Make sure your insert your affiliate link in the email before you send it out.

Log into your affilate account to grab your affiliate ID# here:


Create your affilate link:

Make sure you replace the “XXXXXX” in the affiliate link below with your 6 or 7 digit Affilliate ID #


I strongly recommend that you use your own redirect links or short url service to redirect and shorten your affiliate links.

Just a few to consider are or


Here are some suggested subject lines and email swipe copy for Video 2:

Suggested Subject: your hand-drawn PDF cheat sheets are now ready

Suggested Subject 2: absolutely free PDF cheat sheets and video tutorials

Suggested Subject 3: here’s how to get started without a list

Suggested Subject 4: free affiliate marketing tutorials and cheat sheets

!!! Begin Email To Clients !!!

Your hand-drawn “Circle Of Money” Cheat Sheets are now ready.

Grab your free copies here:
!!! Insert Your Affiliate Link !!!!

Jeff also created a new video tutorial for you.

He literally takes you by the hand and personally walks you
through… step-by-step… his best “How To Crush It As
An Affiliate” market research strategy.

Your free “Circle Of Money” Cheat Sheet lay it all out for you in a
step-by-step fashion.

He’s definitely delivering some rock-solid content.

Grab your free cheat sheets and check out the video:

!!! Insert Your Affiliate Link !!!!



Just so you know…

These Absolutely Free Tutorials Show You Exactly How To Get Started
Without a List…

Without Affiliate Partners, Or Even Your Own Product…

All With 100% Free Traffic.”

Grab your free copy here:

!!! Insert Your Affiliate Link !!!!



!!! End Email To Clients !!!

That’s it… just insert your afffiliate link, add your FTC or other disclaimers, and  share Video #2 right now.

If you need anything just contact my Affiliate Team at:

And let’s keep this all above-board for the launch. No spam allowed, no cash rebates allowed , no cookie stuffing allowed, no direct linking with CPV/PPV offers, and make sure you use all the proper earning disclaimers, legal disclaimers, and follow the FTC promotional guidelines, etc. when promoting this launch, or any other. It’s just good business sense.


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