SACC Support Ending Soon

We’ve really enjoyed help everyone out for the last seven years inside the Super Affiliate Coaching Club membership site and I hope that we’ve made a positive difference in your business and your life.

The “new” Super Affiliate Coaching Club was originally launched as a 3 month training program in early 2011 but, as many of you know, when new versions of Super Affiliate Coaching Club came out later that year I gave the original members access to it for free.

I promised everyone that joined the new Super Affiliate Coaching Club that we’d provide support inside the forums for at least 6 months.

And here we are almost two years later… and my guys are still actively in the forums answering your questions and offering their help when you get stuck so I hope you’ve been taking advantage of all the extra support we’ve been offering… and that you’ve found it useful.

In fact, it has been over a year since we opened the doors to new students inside Super Affiliate Coaching Club so anyone that is currently in the program has had at least a year’s worth of support, while the others that joined earlier have had 2 years or more of our support in the forums.

Since everyone has received all the time they were promised or more… I think it’s time to finally stop providing direct support in the SACC forums so my staff can concentrate on supporting and developing new projects and training programs for you.

That means if you need help from my staff of “guys”… I recommend that you log into the Super Affiliate Coaching Club membership site and submit any questions you have before October 31st so my “guys” can lend a helping hand.

Don’t worry; we aren’t closing the Super Affiliate Coaching Club membership site down. The existing content will still be there for you going forward indefinitely so you’ll have plenty of time to log in a review the training material at your leisure.

What originally started out as a 3 month training program grew into an ongoing training and support forum for the better part of 2 years and we’ve enjoyed being there to help you along the way!

Thanks again for joining Super Affiliate Coaching Club and we look forward to working with you again very soon!


Jeff Johnson and the Super Affiliate Coaching Club Team